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About Us

Elmbridge Supplies Company is a leading distributor of industrial supplies, specialising in:

  • Industrial Coatings
  • Wood Coatings
  • Industrial Spray Equipment
  • Abrasives
  • Compressors
  • Welding & Engineering Supplies

We also supply a range of Consumables & Accessories, Safety Equipment, Power & Hand Tools, and Cleaning Equipment. 

Established in 1976 we have over 40 years of experience in this field and our mission is to consistently provide the industrial solutions which help manufacturing businesses succeed. This means providing market leading service tailored to the needs of our individual customers, which is reflected in all areas of our business from guidance and advice, to purchase and after sales support. 

Our Products

We supply a wide range of products from reputable brands and companies which suit all budgets. All of our products are checked to ensure they meet the high standards which you would expect and are delivered with a service which is second to none. 

Our Service

When you buy from Elmbridge rest assured your satisfaction is our top priority. As an ISO 9001:2008 compliant company, we constantly monitor and look to improve our processes so you can receive the best possible service. 

From sales to installations, we will provide the training to ensure you have the knowledge to make the most out of your investment. If you're not quite ready to buy, we offer a hire service on either a short or longer term basis too. After sales support is also important to us and to complement this, we are able to provide maintenance and servicing either onsite or inhouse from our team of engineers. 

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Our People

Our team have substantial product and industry knowledge so can offer the guidance to ensure you have the right product for the right job. This is provided by our area managers who can visit you on-site, and by our sales support staff based at our warehouse in Gloucester.

We pride ourselves on employing and developing individuals to become an integral part of our team. As a growing company we are regularly recruiting for a range of roles from Sales and Service staff, to Warehouse Operatives and Delivery Drivers. Our current vacancies are listed below and on our social media pages. If you would like us to consider you for any future vacancies, please forward a copy of your CV and a cover letter to management@elmbridgesuppliesuk.com. 


We do not have any current vacancies but please contact us to be considered for any future roles. 

Meet the Team

Rory Freeman, Director

Joined: 2004

Specialises in: Welding Supplies & Equipment

Favourite equipment / product: Pulse Mig Welding – Pulsed MIG is an advanced form of welding that takes the best of all the other forms of transfer while minimizing or eliminating their disadvantages. Unlike short circuit, pulsed MIG does not create spatter or run the risk of cold lapping. The welding positions in pulsed MIG are not limited as they are with globular or spray and its wire use is definitely more efficient. By cooling off the spray arc process, pulsed MIG is able to expand its welding range and its lower heat input does not make burn through, on thin metals a problem. Pulsed MIG is one of the best welding processes for a wide variety of applications and metal types.

Likes: Relaxing and spending time with my Wife and 6 year old Son.

Rory Freeman, Director
Garth Knappett, Managing Director

Garth Knappett, Managing Director

Joined: 2012

Specialises in: Making tea

Favourite equipment / product: My favourite product is Marathon Prime Finish. I remember the first time I used this and being impressed with the way it would adhere to pretty much any surface giving a nice semi-gloss finish and an anti-corrosive barrier. With its high volume solids I was blown away by how far a tin goes and the finished affect. Also after 15 minutes it was touch dry! I think it is one of the best one coat products out there and our customers love it too.

Likes: I enjoy spending time with my wife and 2 young boys of 11 and 6 who keep me busy with any spare moments outside of work!

Bradley Hext, Area Sales Manager

Bradley Hext, Area Sales Manager - South East - M4 Corridor, London, and surrounding counties

Joined: 2009

Specialises in: I am particularly hands-on, with a strong technical knowledge of: 

Industrial Coatings: I work particularly closely with Jotun and am able to provide written specifications to suit almost any substrate – from Gas pipelines to Railway bridges, from Epoxy primers to Intumescent coatings. I also have a knowledge of approved Norsok systems for particular levels of durability.

Wood Coatings: My particular expertise is the specification and application of premium wood coatings from Italian manufacturer Sayerlack. Most days I can be found demonstrating methods and products for finishing excellence, from Acrylics to Polyurethanes, Polyesters to liquid metal finishes.

Spray application equipment: From pot guns to plural-component proportioners, I have established relationships with contacts from Graco, Wagner, Binks, DeVilbiss.

I am also very familiar with the terminology and leading brands in Welding and Engineering consumables, and can weld well enough to demonstrate equipment for the users benefit.

Favourite equipment / product: Hard to single out a product from our extensive scope! Jotun Hardtop Flexi is my favourite metal coating, requiring minimal surface prep / priming, yet suitable for force drying within a couple of hours, and permanently impact resistant.

Likes: Covering nearly 1000 miles a week from the comfort of the latest VW Passat, while supporting some 250+ customer accounts!

At the weekends I spend time visiting friends and family with my wife and baby boy, while dreaming of improvements to our chalet bungalow in rural Wiltshire.

Clive Wilden, Area Sales Manager - South West

Joined: When SFS was bought by Elmbridge on 1st June 2016 

Specialises in: All spray equipment sales & training (for MOD, Aerospace, Marine, Wood Finishing, HM Prison Service, to name a few!); Industrial Finishing, Powder Coatings.

Favourite Equipment/Product: All Electrostatic Wet Application equipment both Waterbourne & Solvent. Also Powder Coating equipment.

Likes: I play both Badminton & Tennis with my wife Kim at least once a week. I also like travelling abroad for Holidays.

Clive Wilden, Area Sales Manager
Angus Freeman - Are

Angus Freeman, Area Sales Manager – Wales, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Birmingham & North East

Joined: 2013

Specialises in: Metal and Wood Coatings, mainly wood coatings for Kitchen and Furniture Manufactures because we have such a good range of products.

Favourite equipment / product: This has got to be our Water Based primer (AU474/13) and topcoat (AT99) for Kitchens and Furniture. Both are Water Based PU’s, so provide great flexibility to work with, leave a very high build finish and excellent hardness. Being water based you are also cutting right back on solvents so no smells either!

Likes: I love sport outside of work, most sports to be honest – rugby, football, swimming, tennis... not just watching it but doing it as much as I can along with the odd workout here and there –  GET ACTIVE! Got a bit of passion for chilling with a rum or two at the weekends too :)

Perry Kilbey, Area Sales Manager - Gloucestershire

Joined: 2014

Specialises in: Abrasives and durable coatings.

Favourite equipment/product: This has to be the Cubitron II abrasives range which are in a league of their own. They are incomparable to any other abrasive with a vast difference in performance, speed and not to mention the longevity. Once used never forgotten!

Likes: I like travelling the world, meeting new people, and socialising over a glass of cognac has to be number 1 priority. Also nothing like a good game of football myself being between the posts.

Perry Kilbey, Area Sales Manager - Gloucestershire

Ralph Large, Customer Service

Joined: July 2016

Specialises in: Keeping our customers and sales team happy! I get involved in most things around the office and helping out on the counter.

Favourite Product: Jotun Floor coatings, firstly the Two pack epoxy Jotafloor sealer which seals the surface with excellent penetration properties and provides a great base ready for topcoat. Then you have a choice of the two pack Jotafloor topcoat (for heavy traffic areas, with good chemical resistance and durability); or the single pack Jotafloor rapid dry topcoat (fast drying and glossy for areas such as sports venues. It offers a durability not usually associated with alkyd topcoats).

Likes: Competitive sport whenever I can and socialising with family and friends have to be top of the list.

Rod Griffiths, Sales Assistant

Joined: 2016

Specialises in: I've got a good knowledge of all our products and I'm working towards specialising in coatings. 

Favourite equipment / product: Our wood coating range is probably one of my favourite product groups, being able to offer such a wide range of colours and finishes enables our customers to produce some of the finest furniture on the market.

Likes: Outside of work I like to socialise with family and friends and I also spend quite a bit of time playing music (mostly guitar). I also do a bit of Hydro Dipping during evenings and weekends.

Rod Griffiths, Sales Assistant

Josh Pocock, Procurement & Stock Control

Joined: 2017

Favourite product: I’m new to this game so my knowledge of our extensive range is still rather limited. However the Wagner Cobra 2K sprayer is a great piece of kit, offering all the gadgets in a compact, very easy to use mixing system; at a very attractive price too! This is a great all rounder and a must have for everyone, be it everyday sprayers to the odd job handyman!

Likes: Travelling abroad and seeing new things and meeting new people. I enjoy most sports, anything with a bit of competition is always good fun – particularly karting! But most importantly, just chilling with friends and family with a BBQ and a good drink helps too!

Stan Dowding, Service Engineer

Joined: 2012

Specialises in: Repair, service and installation of paint spraying equipment and compressors.

Favourite equipment / product: Graco XM70 Plural Component Sprayer. The XM70 is a very satisfying piece of equipment to work with. It’s much more technical than a standard single leg unit and makes for interesting work installing, servicing or repairing. A perfect product would be a high solids, 2k epoxy primer to be applied on structural steel work.

Likes: Relaxing with a smoky whisky and listening to country music. A bit of general banter also helps to keep life ticking over. :)

Stan Dowding, Service Engineer

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