Acid Catalysed Coatings

If you are looking for a low cost, internal wood coating or lacquer, Acid Catalysed coatings may be your answer.

Acid Catalysed Coatings are easy to apply, quick drying and provide a good level of protection. Available in a wide range of gloss levels and colours, they are traditionally used throughout the wood coatings industry.

These products do tend to exhibit a strong solvent smell from the quick drying formulation, and contain an amount of formaldehyde in the catalyst which is present during mixing, spraying and drying. That said with the correct PPE, this shouldn’t be a deterrent.

For further information on Acid Catalysed products, take a look at Meranti Coatings. This range of proven coatings has only recently been made available in the UK, but has proved very popular with our customers since its launch.

Acid Catalysed Coatings, a cost effective option for Internal Solvent Based Coatings.

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