Elmbridge UK - Supporting the new Gloucester City AFC stadium build

As some would know Gloucester City AFC are in the final phases of finishing their long awaited football stadium having not played in Gloucester since the old ground was badly flooded in 2007. As this brings excellent news to the city and the footballing community its also good to have it right next door.

As things have been progressing well, we’ve got in touch and are please to be able to support in supplying the paint they require FOC. Please see below an extract from their progress blog:

“I also need to give a massive and I mean massive thank you today to Elmbridge Supplies in Gloucester… they have offered to give us all the materials to paint the currently blue containers ahead of our painting party… this is massive and that was a circa £5k bill heading our way until they stepped in! I was completely blown away by this offer, thank you so much! Feel free to thank them yourselves: www.elmbridgesuppliesuk.com/

The love hasn’t ended there this week… Foxmoor Fire and Security are keen blog readers, much like the folk at Elmbridge Supplies, good morning both… anyway, the chaps at Foxmoor have been reading my …. Lets call it trials and tribulations over the floodlights … and having read and giggled at the blog, they made contact this week and offered to install the player filming camera system that I wanted built into the floodlights for free, yep free … Again, feel free to thank them foxmoorfireandsecurity.co.uk/

That’s two completely out of the blue offers, from two companies that have never supported or seen a game at Gloucester before, completely new to football in the City. Elmbridge and Foxmoor have got involved just from this blog, which was started purely as a place for me to rant… thank you for your support…..”

To follow more of the progress at Gloucester Cty AFC please click this link www.gloucestercityafc.com/aps-meadow-park-blog/ - keep an eye out to see when the paints put to use.

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