Spray Booth Maintenance: Protect Your Asset


Elmbridge Supplies Company are a trusted supplier of Spray Booths and booth maintenance supplies. This guide will explain the practices and benefits of keeping a well maintained booth as well as providing advice on recommended products.


Frequent Cleaning

Spray surfaces should be kept as free from deposits of overspray and as little residue as possible. If it is feasible, all surfaces should be washed down daily. Any automated systems that are installed, such as sprinklers or fire protection devices must be given extra attention, as well as exhaust duct interiors and fan blades.  

Non–sparking Tools

All tools used within the booth must be made of a non – sparking material. This includes scrapers and other cleaning instruments. 

Clean Filters

All disposable filters must be changed regularly. Filter gauges should be installed and used as an aid to determine the condition of the filters and to indicate when the filter should be changed. 

Cleaning Products

If solvents are to be used, ensure that they have a flashpoint of over 100F. Always keep the ventilation system running during cleaning, and no more than one days worth of solvents should be kept near the booth at one time. 

Residue Disposal

In order to maintain a safe and clean booth, no scrapings or sweepings should be left uncovered or in piles on the floor. To remove them, wet them down with water and leave them until the cleaning has been completed. 

Ventilation Ducts

All fans and any ducts must be checked regularly for any paint residue that looks excessive. If any build up is spotted, it must be removed immediately. If you notice that you are cleaning these more often than you feel that you should, it could be an indication of filter problems. 

Safety Containers

Wherever there is the presence of rags or waste that has been contaminated with finishing material, there must be an approved metal waste container. These containers must be emptied or removed from the building at the end of each shift, or at the minimum daily.


Gramos Peelable Coatings

Propeel is a white pigmented temporary protective coating designed for application to all smooth, clean, metal spray booth walls in order to provide easy booth maintenance. The dried film is peelable and enables even heavy overspray deposits to be quickly and cleanly removed.

Exposed areas can then be touched in or the entire area re-sprayed as necessary. By providing a white, light reflective surface better working conditions are obtained making for consistent high quality work.

- Strong and easily peelable film

- Enables heavy overspray to be removed quickly and cleanly

- Light reflective surface for better working conditions

- Reduces maintenance time

- Heavily contaminated areas may be cut and painted in

Binks Concertina Spray Booth Filters

Made from pleated asymmetric cardboard paper, this filter uses simple ‘inertia separation’ principles resulting in a very user friendly filter. Paint laden air is forced into radical changes in direction as it finds its path through the filter. As the paint particles are heavier than air they collide with the paper and become attached.

3M Dirt Trap Protection

- Traps dirt, dust and overspray 

- Reduces the maintenance needed on paint booth clean ups

- Increases booth utilization

- White material brightens work areas

How to get it started:

1 – Clean and prepare the booth. Remove loose dirt and any overspray.

2 – Install the 3M Dirt Trap protection material onto the walls, bottom up. 

3 – Install the material on any solid booth floor areas.

4 – Install the material onto the windows and lights. 

Reducing maintenance

The Dirt Trap Protection material has been specially designed to reduce the amount of maintenance needed on a spray booth and to increase efficiency within the workplace. With a well maintained booth you are going to spend less time cleaning and shutting down the operation.

When any airborne contaminates settle on a freshly painted surface, it creates extra work for the sprayer to remove them. By having a Dirt Trap system, particles wont interfere, saving time and money. 

Protecting your investment

Purchasing a spray booth is an expensive investment for any business, one that you do not want to repeat in a hurry. By using a Dirt Trap system, you are reducing the down time of the booth, require less repainting, cleaning  which can promote rust and corrosion.

Waterborne Paint Systems

Waterborne paint systems require a larger air flow to help accelerate the drying time. This added flow of air can lead to more contaminates such as dirt and dust. By using the 3M Dirt trap material , you are trapping these particles and keeping them away from the job at hand. 

This material can be used in paint mixing rooms and on the floor adjacent to the booth to minimize further contamination. 

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