Abracs Black Poly Wheels
Abracs Black Poly Wheels


Abracs Black Poly Wheels

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Manufacturer:   Abracs


Abracs ultimate performance Poly Wheels have a unique structure and synthetic resin coating which enables effective removal of rust, paint, thermal blueing and other contaminants. The design of these unique products ensures a minimal risk of scratching the work piece. Suitable for a wide range of materials. For use on electric drills and air tools.

  • Suitable for use on metal, concrete, stainless steel and aluminium.
  • ABPOLYW100: 100mm x 13mm x 13mm Poly Wheels, 6,000 Max RPM
  • ABPOLYW150: 150mm x 13mm x 13mm Poly Wheels, 4,000 Max RPM
  • Box quantity: 10

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