Albicor Binzel RAB Plus - 36 KD Fume Extraction FES-200 Torch
Albicor Binzel RAB Plus - 36 KD Fume Extraction FES-200 Torch


Albicor Binzel RAB Plus - 36 KD Fume Extraction FES-200 Torch

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'The Clean Solution' Abicor Binzel "RAB Plus" 36 KD Air-cooled MIG/MAG-Fume Extraction Torch

During all welding work, pollutants are formed which influence human health and the environment .Fume extraction torches make effective extraction of these pollutants possible.

This unit includes a well-designed and effective self-cleaning function through the application of the integrated manual-rotating nozzle. The compressed air nozzle provides a uniform air-stream that cleans all filter segments. Cleaning is performed whilst in-situ, and is efficient, safe and quickly completed saving both time and money.

  • Direct extraction at the arc ensures permanent protection of the welder's respiratory system
  • Solid compact construction, low in weight - ideally suited for mobile applications
  • Optimum torch cooling - high endurance
  • Air cooled from 150 to 300 A
  • Automatic start-stop minimises noise, reduces energy consumption and increases the service life of the motor by up to 5 times
  • Time-saving torch neck replacement thanks to ABICOR BINZEL's central plug system
  • Efficient integrated manual cleaning - increases filter service life
  • Fully equipped with suction hose and adapter

Rating 300 A CO²
  270 A Mixed Gases
Duty Cycle 60%
Wire Size 0.8 - 1.2mm
Weight 23kg
Dimensions 500 x 210 x 500mm
Max Airflow 200m³/h
Intake Diameter 50mm
Max. Negative Pressure 19.000Pa
Voltage 230V (115V)
Motor 1.1kW
Filter Surface 0.8m²

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