Ambersil Bright Cold Galvanising Spray
Ambersil Bright Cold Galvanising Spray


Ambersil Bright Cold Galvanising Spray

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    Manufacturer:   Ambersil


    400 ml aerosol.

    Provides a zinc-rich, bright protective coating that weathers naturally to match hot-dip galvanise. Fast drying, xylene-free and perfect as a top-coat for Cold Galvanise.

    Key Features:

    • Excellent touch-up for freshly galvanized surfaces
    • Provides excellent corrosion and rust resistance to ferrous metals
    • Unique combination of flexibility and hardness
    •  Resists rusting, peeling and fading
    • Adheres well to metal surfaces
    • Excellent colour match for recently hot-dip galvanized parts
    • Totally lead and chromate free
    • No chlorinated solvents
    Application Method Spray Can
    Surfaces Fences & Gates 
    Coverage 1.6m² / Can
    Touch Dry 4 Hours @ 20°C
    Over-Coating 15 Minutes each coat
    Maintenance Cycle 2 Years 
    Thinning & Cleaning White Spirit, Acetates
    Number of Coats 2 Light coats

    Additional Information

    Surface Preparation: Typical corrosion protection results will depend mainly on surface conditions
    and environment. It may be several months up to over 1 year outdoors or more than 2 years indoors.The first application therefore should be checked periodically for signs of corrosion. Once the time of protection under any specific condition is determined, Bright Cold Galvanising Spray may be reapplied at intervals to maintain protection.

    Typical Use: Can be used for touch-up at Hot-Dip galvanizing plants, fences and gates, home, garden and farm equipment, construction equipment, structural steel, guard rails, welding seams, pipes and fittings, cCoastal and shipborne installations, and repair of LPG storage tanks.


    • Shake aerosol can very well for at least one minute after agitator ball is free.
    • Repeat frequently while using.
    • Apply to a clean, degreased, dry surface for best results. Remove rust and scale with a wire brush.
    • Apply in light, even coats; best results are obtained with 2 lighter rather than 1 heavy coat.
    • Additional coats can be applied after 15-20 minutes.
    • When spraying is finished, clean aerosol valve by turning can upside down and press button until only propellant escapes. If clogging occurs, remove button and clean orifice with fine wire.
    • Do not use on energized equipment. Use in well ventilated area.

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