Cutting Torch Set
Cutting Torch Set


Cutting Torch Set

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    Type 5 Welding and Cutting Set. 

    1 Stage 2 Gauge Oxygen Regulator 300 bar
    1 Stage 2 Gauge Acetylene Regulator 25 bar
    Flashback Arrestor - Oxygen
    Flashback Arrestor - Fuel
    8mm Oxygen Hose 5m with 3/8" Fittings
    8mm Acetylene Hose 5m with 3/8" Fittings
    Type 5 Shank
    Type 5 Cutting Attachment
    Type 5 Mixer
    No. 5 Swaged Welding Nozzle
    No. 7 Swaged Welding Nozzle
    ANM 1/32" Cutting Nozzle
    ANM 3/64" Cutting Nozzle
    Nozzle Cleaning Kit
    Cup Flint Lighter
    Combination Spanner
    Stainless Steel Tool Case

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