Jotun Demidekk Infinity
Jotun Demidekk Infinity
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Jotun Demidekk Infinity

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Manufacturer:   Jotun Paints


The advanced INFINITY technology allows the paint to have superb color and shine durability providing long maintenance intervals. Contains effective film conserving agent that counteracts mould and algae  growth on the surface. The paint is dirt repellent and stays clean and pretty for long periods.
The combination of high quality binders and weather resistant pigments protects the wood against sunlight and provides very good weatherability. The product has very good application properties and has a rich consistency. Dries quickly and achieves water resistance very quickly.

To be used in combination with VISIR Oljegrunning, as part of a system treatment. To be applied to new, previously stained or painted woodwork, as well as impregnated. Also suitable as a topcoat for previously primed gutters, fascia’s made of plastic and metal commonly use on buildings. Prime the metal with QUICK  Bengalack Metallgrunning.

Additional Information

Packaging Size - 0,75 L (filling level 0,68 L), 3 L (filling level 2.7 L), and 10 L (filling level 9 L)

Base Availability - White, A-, B-, C-, oxide red-, ochre- and yellow base. Bases must not be used unless tinted (does not apply for white base)

Tinting - Up to 10 % with Jotun Multicolor colorants

Colours - White base may be used untinted as White

Gloss Level - 15-25

Generic Type - Based on the INFINITY technology and the AMA (Alkyd Modified Acrylics) technology

Solids by Volume - 39 ± 2 volume%

Specific Gravity - 1.24

pH Value - 8 to 9

VOC for Ready-for-use Mixture - EU limit value for the product (cat. A/d): 130 g/l. The product contains max 75 g/ l VOC

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