DEWALT DT70587T Impact Bit Set, 32 Piece
DEWALT DT70587T Impact Bit Set, 32 Piece


DEWALT DT70587T Impact Bit Set, 32 Piece

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    Manufacturer:   Dewalt


    The DEWALT DT70587T Impact Bit Set contains a selection of high-performance impact torsion bits that have been designed for use with impact drivers. They have a 15° torsion zone that allows the screwdriver bit to flex rather than break, and the full fit head prevents rounding of the screw head and prevents 'cam out' (bit head slipping out of the screw head due to the turning force). The magnetic screw lock enables tasks to be completed quicker and easier, reducing instances of dropped or lost screws.

    Supplied in a TOUGH CASE+, this is part of a connectable case system that is TSTAK™ compatible. Individual TOUGH CASES can be clipped together for easy transportation. Contains:

    5 x 25mm Phillips Bits: PH1, PH2(3), PH3

    2 x 25mm Phillips Drywall Bits: PR2(2)

    10 x 25mm Pozi Bits: PZ1(2), PZ2(5), PZ3(3)

    3 x 25mm Slotted Bits: 6mm(2), 8mm

    11 x 25mm TORX Bits: TX10(2), TX15(2), TX20(2), TX25(2), TX30(2), TX40

    1 x Impact Drill Drive Bit

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