Graco Merkur 48:1 4.5 Ipm (1.2 gpm) Air Assisted Spray Pump Packages
Graco Merkur 48:1 4.5 Ipm (1.2 gpm) Air Assisted Spray Pump Packages


Graco Merkur 48:1 4.5 Ipm (1.2 gpm) Air Assisted Spray Pump Packages

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Manufacturer:   Graco


Achieve the right flows at the right pressures to fit all of your spraying needs. With four air motor sizes and 13 different models to choose from, the new and improved Merkur fine finish pump packages are designed to improve productivity, reduce costs, lower emissions and provide consistent, high quality finishes for all of your demanding applications.

  • Proven to outperform and outlast other pumps in their class.
  • Less Pulsation for Better Results - Designed to provide a smooth, rapid changeover for a better, more consistent finish and less user fatigue.

Air Motor

  • Highest technology air motor on the market
  • Low air consumption for increased efficiency
  • Muffler provides low operating noise levels
  • External valve access allows for easy servicing and online replacement to minimise downtime

Operator Control Panel

  • Air controls located at operator height for easy setting and monitoring

Throat Seal and Rod Enclosure

  • Protects pumped material and wet cup from contamination

Pump Lower

  • Easy-to-flush design allows for fast colour changes and reduced solvent usage
  • 300 series stainless steel pump construction provides long-lasting durability
  • Designed for improved serviceability with fewer parts and lower cost of ownership

*All packages have a 7.5 m (25 ft) fluid and air hose

Additional Information

Pump Ratio 48:1
Fluid Flow @ 60 cpm 4.5 Ipm (1.2 gpm)
Volume per Cycle  75cc (2.5 oz)
Max Fluid Outlet Pressure 331 Bar (4800 psi)
Max Air Inlet Pressure 5.8 Bar (85 psi)
Air Consumption, 7 Bar, 20 cpm 0.74m³/min
Max Delivery Rate 26 L/Min
Fluid Inlet Size 3/4" npt(m)
Fluid Outlet Size 3/8" npt(m)
Air Inlet (motor) 1/2" npt(f)
Max Tip Size 0.025"

Merkur 48:1 4.5 Ipm (1.2 gpm) Air Assisted Packages
Model DataTrak G40 Gun G40 RAC Gun
G48W13 No Yes No
G48W14 Yes Yes No
G48W15 No No Yes
G48W16 Yes No Yes
G48C11 No Yes No
G48C12 Yes Yes No
G48C13 No No Yes
G48C14 Yes No Yes

All with Fluid Filter and Suction Hose

Monitor and protect your pump with DataTrak, the market’s first integrated local monitoring system. Easy to set runaway protection, where you set the cycle rate limit Pump diagnostics help advise when to maintain the pump Resettable batch counter tracks material usage and maintenance schedule.

Also available in:

Air Assisted Packages Airless Packages
10:1 4.5 Ipm (1.2 gpm) 23:1 6.0 Ipm (1.6 gpm)
15:1 1.5 Ipm (0.8 gpm) 24:1 9.0 Ipm (2.4 gpm)
15:1 3.0 Ipm (0.8 gpm) 28:1 7.5 Ipm (2.0 gpm)
15:1 9.0 lpm (2.4 gpm) 30:1 1.5 Ipm (0.4 gpm)
18:1 7.5 Ipm (2.0 gpm) 30:1 4.5 Ipm (1.2 gpm)
23:1 6.0 Ipm (1.6 gpm)  
24:1 9.0 Ipm (2.4 gpm)  
28:1 7.5 Ipm (2.0 gpm)  
30:1 1.5 Ipm (0.4 gpm)  
30:1 4.5 Ipm (1.2 gpm)   
36:1 6.0 Ipm (1.6 gpm)   
45:1 3.0 Ipm (0.8 gpm)  

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