Heated Hoses - TempSpay H 226
Heated Hoses - TempSpay H 226


Heated Hoses - TempSpay H 226

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    Heating instead of diluting - How It Works

    All heating systems are warmed up by an electric heating element, which is located inside the hose, directly in the paint flow. The paint material is heated to the required temperature uniformly along the whole length of the hose(smoothly regulated from 20oC to 60oC). This leads to a drop in the viscosity and thus an improvement in the application of paint material. Due to be heated up in the heating hose the coating materials are always at the ideal working temperature - regardless of seasonal temperature fluctuations!

    • The guarantee for the perfect finish

    Achieve an optimal surface quality. Thanks to warming up the coating material a very soft.

    • The solution to reduce over spray

    Heating the material means a reduction in spraying pressure. Heating brings about a reduction in material viscosity, allowing a lower spraying pressure to be set.

    • The answer to the VOC guidelines

    The coating material can be set to the the spraying viscosity without being diluted. This is of particular benefit especially for higher viscosity materials.

    TempSpay H226

    • For all high viscosity materials
    • easy to handle thanks to the hose reel which is ideal for building sites.

    Additional Information

    Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
    Heating Power 1300 W
    Mains Connection Lead  4m
    Hose DN10 / 15m PU Sheathing
    Max Pressure  25 MPa
    Temperature Regulator Smooth Regulation from 20°C to 60°C
    Weight 18 KG

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