Inconel 625 Tig Wire
Inconel 625 Tig Wire
Lincoln Electric


Inconel 625 Tig Wire

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Manufacturer:   Lincoln Electric


Inconel filler metal 625 is used for gas-metal-arc and gas-tungstenarc welding of INCONEL alloy 625, INCOLOY alloy 825, INCOLOY alloy 25-6MO and a range of high alloy austenitic and super austenitic stainless steels. It is also used for surfacing of steel for welding 9% Ni steels and various corrosion resistant alloy’s such as alloy 20. INCONEL 625 is also useful for many dissimilar joints involving ICONEL and INCOLY alloys, carbon steels, low-alloy steels and stainless steels.

Available in 1.2mm, 1.6mm and 2.4mm; 5kg. 

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