Iwata AZ3 Concept Gravity Gun
Iwata AZ3 Concept Gravity Gun
Anest Iwata


Iwata AZ3 Concept Gravity Gun

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Manufacturer:   Anest Iwata


The Anest Iwata AZ3 gravity spray gun is a high quality but economical gravity spray gun for the industrial and refinishing market. Having stainless steel internals this gun can be used for both water and solvent based materials. This gun also boasts a Thatcham approval making it suitable for insurance work. 

Key Features:

  • Smooth polished surface makes it easier to clean
  • A completely new gun body design, stainless steel
  • New air valve for better air control
  • Improved cup design
  • New trigger and ergonomic shape of the grip to relieve repetitive strain
Tip Size Pressure cfm Fan size
1.0mm 2.0 Bar 200 170mm
1.3mm 2.0 Bar 200 240mm
1.5mm 2.0 Bar 200 260mm
1.8mm 2.0 Bar 205 300mm
2.0mm 2.0 Bar 205 310mm
2.5mm 3.0 Bar 279 340mm
2.8mm 3.0 Bar 291 350mm
3.0mm 3.0 Bar 288 360mm
3.5mm 3.0 Bar 307 340mm

Additional Information

Temperature Range 5 - 40°C
Noise Level 77.6 dB
Air Nipple G 1/4"M 
Max Working Pressure 6.8 Bar (98 PSI)
Fluid Nipple G 1/4"F
Weight 517g

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