Iwata W400 Gravity Spray Gun - Bellaria
Iwata W400 Gravity Spray Gun - Bellaria
Anest Iwata


Iwata W400 Gravity Spray Gun - Bellaria

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£336.00 (ex VAT)

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    Manufacturer:   Anest Iwata


    The Bellaria air cap achieves beautiful air flow with its amazing longer fan pattern, plus exceptional atomisation which you would expect from a gun with
    a W400 pedigree.

    • The Ballaria air cap takes flat nozzle technology to another level with its longer flatter fan pattern
    • Coloured bronze adjusters & air cap ring to help against corrosion caused by some modern day cleaning solvents
    • No baffles or seals required, less internal parts to go wrong or needing to be replaced
    • The Bellaria has a low cfm air usage, making it one of the most economical guns on the market

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