Jotun Demidekk Ultimate Windows & Doors
Jotun Demidekk Ultimate Windows & Doors
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Jotun Demidekk Ultimate Windows & Doors

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The most environmentally friendly exterior wood stain in its class. 

Demidekk Ultimate Windows and Doors is a waterborne exterior wood protection coating with very good colour stability and long maintenance cycles. Especially suited for smooth woodwork such as windows, doors, window frames, guttering, and other outdoor details.

The product contains film preserving agents, which combat surface fungi buildup on the substrate. Use as a system together with Visir Primer products.

Key Features: 

  • Very good colour stability and long maintenance intervals
  • Contains effective film conserving agents that counteract mould growth on the substrate
  • Easy to apply
  • Has good adhesion
Application Method Spray, Brush or Roller 
Surfaces Planed wood & Window Dressings
VOC Level 130g / Litre
Coverage  Sawn Wood: 6-9m² / Litre
Planed Wood: 9-12m² / Litre
Touch Dry 4 Hours @ 15°C / 2 Hours @ 23°C
Over-Coating 6 Hours @ 15°C / 4 Hours @ 23°C
Maintenance Cycle Not Applicable 
Thinning & Cleaning  Water
Number of Coats 3

Additional Information

Surface Preparation: The substrate must be clean, sound and dry: For the best possible edge coverage, sand down sharp edges. Fresh wood left untreated for more than 4 weeks should be cleaned using a suitable cleaning agent and brushed with a wire brush. Vacuum and dip treated wood, as well as industrially applied substrates (containing wax or other water repellent additives) should be degreased with methylated spirit. Previously treated wood should be cleaned using a suitable cleaning agent. Sand glossy and hard surfaces or use a suitable cleaning agent. JOTUN Kraftvask is a strong detergent that may cause stains or corrosion on window glass and aluminium details. Remove loose paint/stain and wood fibres by wire brush or scraping.

Pretreatment: Apply a suitable anti fungal treatment in accordance with the user instructions. Apply 1 x JOTUN Impregnering tre on bare wood. Bare iron and nail heads to be primed with a suitable primer.

Primer: New untreated or impregnated woodwork as well as exposed putty to be primed with 1 x VISIR Oljegrunning. The product is supposed to penetrate into the substrate, and should not be allowed to form a film on the surface. Apply 3-4 coats wet-on-wet to the end grains/cut surfaces.

Topcoat: New, planed woodwork: 3 x DEMIDEKK Ultimate Window System. Previously treated: 2 x DEMIDEKK Ultimate Window System.

Typical Use: Especially suitable for planed wood, like windows, doors, window dressings, garden furniture, garage door, fences etc. To be applied to new, previously stained or painted woodwork, as well as impregnated. To be used in combination with VISIR Oljegrunning, as part of a system treatment. Also suitable as a topcoat for previously primed gutters, fascias made of plastic and metal commonly use on buildings.

Application: Contents of tins with different production numbers should be mixed to avoid possible colour deviations. Stir well. Sand down sharp edges. To ensure long durability it is important to apply a sufficient amount of paint on edges and planed surfaces. Min. 3 coats (100 μm dry paint film). Previous tar/mineral oil treatment and knots may cause discolouration/blistering of the topcoat. Perform a test application. Sun on semi-dry paint may cause skin drying and sun blisters. Please be aware of linseed oil/moisture problems. Condensation may cause dull patches. Do not mix in oil additives.

Brush, roller or spray.

* provided application is in accordance with our guidance.

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