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Jotun Demidekk Ultimate
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Jotun Demidekk Ultimate

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Manufacturer:   Jotun Paints


Demidekk Ultimate is a waterborne exterior wood protection coating with very good colour stability and long maintenance cycles. It contains fungicides against surface fungi build up on the substrate. The combination of high quality binders and high content of pigments protects the woodwork against damaging UV rays and gives a very good shield against weather.

Use as a system together with Visir Primer products. Fast drying and easy to apply with a long lasting colour and gloss retention. Use on new woodwork and previously painted and stained woods as well as pressure impregnated wood. May also be used for plastic and metal objects on houses. Metal should however be primed with a suitable metal primer first.

  • The advanced binder technology gives the paint very good colour stability and long maintenance intervals.
  • Contains effective film conserving agents that counteract mould growth on the substrate.
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to apply
  • Long lasting colour and gloss retention
Application Method Brush or Roller
Surfaces Primed Wood / Exterior Woodwork
VOC Level 130g / Litre
Coverage Sawn Wood: 7-10m² / Litre
Planed Wood: 10-12m² / Litre 
Touch Dry 1 Hour @ 15°C / 30 Minutes @ 23°C
Over-Coating 3 Hour @ 15°C / 2 Hours @ 23°C
Thinning & Cleaning Water to be used as cleaner
Number of Coats 2

Additional Information

Surface Preparation: Substrates must be sound, clean and dry before starting treatment. Substrates that have been untreated for more than 4 weeks must be cleaned and loose wood fibres must be removed. Remove all loose wood fibres and loose paint by sanding/wire brushing.

Typical Paint System: Primer: Clean, fresh woodwork; apply 1 coat of Visir Pigmented Primer or Visir Clear Primer. Visir Clear Primer should be used during the cold times of the year (below +5°C). The primer must be brushed out thorougly. Treat all end grain well, 3-4 coats weton-wet. Suggested metal primer; apply Vinyguard Silvergreay 88. Recommended 2 coats. For application criteria, please refer to product Techinical Data Sheet.

Top Coat: New smooth primed woodwork; 3 coats of Demidekk Ultimate Previously treated or primed rough woodwork; 2 coats of Demidekk Ultimate.

Typical Use: Recommended for new primed, previously stained or painted exterior woodwork. Can also be used as a costmetic topcoat on metal. Prime the metal with a suitable primer.

Application: Do not paint if there is a risk of condensation or rain until the film is dry. Contents of tins with different production numbers should be mixed to avoid possible colour deviations. Stir well. To ensure long durability it is important to apply a sufficient amount of paint on edges and planed surfaces. Min. 3 coats (100 μm dry paint film). Coating on fire protected cladding may cause salt precipitation/flaking. Previous tar/mineral oil treatment and knots may cause discolouration/blistering of the topcoat. Perform a test application. Sun on semi-dry paint may cause skin drying and sun blisters. Please be aware of linseed oil/moisture problems. Condensation may cause dull patches.

Brush or roller. Airless spray may be used.

Airless Spray Gun
Nozzle Tip 0.46mm (0.018")
Spray Angle Degrees 65° - 80°
Pressure at Nozzle  15-18 MPa (150-180 kg/cm²)

* provided application is in accordance with our guidance.

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