Jotun SeaForce 30M Anti-Fouling
Jotun SeaForce 30M Anti-Fouling
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Jotun SeaForce 30M Anti-Fouling

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Manufacturer:   Jotun Paints


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SeaForce 30 M is the optimal choice if you are looking for a very good antifouling for maintenance and repair. With a predictable and effective performance, SeaForce 30 M limits the hull deterioration caused by fouling throughout the whole sailing interval. This is achieved through a controlled and predictable polishing rate, combined with an effective mix of biocides. 

Product type: Ion-exchange antifouling
Area of use: Underwater hull at dry-docking
Substrate: Approved primers and tie coats on aluminum and carbon steel

36 months sailing interval
Optimised cost/performance ratio
Fast return to service

36 months very good antifouling performance
SeaForce 30 M will provide very good antifouling performance at a budget friendly price due to its stable polishing rate and efficient biocide package. 
Optimised cost/performance ratio
The cost base for SeaForce 30 M is very attractive, allowing owners and operators to limit their antifouling costs without compromising on quality. 
SeaForce 30 M is a great cost effective antifouling solution
Used with anticorrosive primer system suitable for purpose with Safeguard Universal ES as sealer coat/tie coat.  

Fast return to service
Due to the increased volume solids, less paint will be used in the dock. That means quicker paint application, more efficient dry-docking and faster return to service. 

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Please view Technical and Safety Data Sheets for further details.

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