Jotun SeaForce 60 Anti-Fouling
Jotun SeaForce 60 Anti-Fouling
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Jotun SeaForce 60 Anti-Fouling

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Manufacturer:   Jotun Paints


SeaForce 60 is a TBT-free high solids self-polishing antifouling based on Polymeric Plasticizer Technology. It is the optimal choice for a very good antifouling at a cost effective level.

Designed for 60 months excellent antifouling performance, SeaForce 60 limits the hull deterioration caused by fouling throughout the whole sailing interval. This is achieved through a controlled and predictable polishing rate, combined with an effective mix of biocides and synthetic polymers designed to impart features not found in the traditional hydrating/CDP/Hybrid range of antifouling.

  • IMO Anti-fouling System Convention compliant (AFS/CONF/26).
  • 60 months excellent antifouling performance
  • Optimised cost/performance ratio
  • Extensive experience
  • Self polishing anti-fouling
  • Low leached layer, easy to remove

Jotun Antifouling Coatings can only be sold to registered applicants. Please call us to place your order or for any further information.

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Approved primers and tie coats on aluminum and carbon steel

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