Jotun Visir Water Based Pigmented Primer
Jotun Visir Water Based Pigmented Primer
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Jotun Visir Water Based Pigmented Primer

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Manufacturer:   Jotun Paints


Visir Primer is a special water repellant primer that contains powerful fungicides against wood rotting fungi, and film fungicides to protect against surface moulds. The product binds loose wood fibres and provides a good surface for further treatment. The pigments protect woodwork against damaging UV light and has a colour that resembles woodwork. VISIR Oljegrunning pigmentert EU reinforces the surface and makes it water repellant, prolonging the durability of the paint system.

  • Binds loose wood fibers and provides good adhesion for further treatment
  • Contains effective film conserving agents that counteract mould growth on the wooden surface
  • Contains powerful fungicides
  • Gives longer durability
  • Low temperature cure
Application Method Primer Brush
Surfaces Use Before Opaque Stains and Paints
VOC Level 30g / Litre
Coverage  4m² / Litre
Over-Coating 48 Hours @ 15°C / 24 Hours @ 23°C
Maintenance Cycle 2 Years
Thinning & Cleaning Do not Thin. Water suitable for cleaning
Number of Coats  2

Additional Information

Surface Preparation: The substrate must be clean, sound and dry: For the best possible edge coverage, sand down sharp edges. Substrates that have been untreated for more than 4 weeks must be cleaned and loose wood fibres must be removed. Previously treated wood should be cleaned using a suitable cleaning agent. Remove loose paint and wood fibres by wire brush or scraping.

Clean window frames with a suitable cleaning agent. Rinse well with fresh water. Remove loose stain/paint and wood fibres by wire brush or scraping, before applying a suitable anti fungal treatment (according to user instructions). Surfaces previously treated with linseed oil stain or linseed oil paints. must be cleaned to bare woodwork, because old linseed oil may cause blistering when coated with stain, translucent stain or paint.

Pretreatment: Apply a suitable anti fungal treatment in accordance with the user instructions. Substrates polluted with black fungus/green algae must be treated with a suitable anti fungal treatment after cleaning with a suitable cleaning agent. 

Primer: Before or immediately after installation of new woodwork, treat with a brush coat of VISIR Oljegrunning pigmentert. The primer must be brushed out thoroughly. Apply 3-4 coats wet-on-wet to the end grains/cut surfaces. Recoat with required finishing coats within 1 month.

For maximum protection woodwork primed during the winter, at low temperatures, can be applied 1 coat DEMIDEKK Oljetäckfärg, and then be finished with desired topcoat the following spring.

Topcoat: Can be treated with all Jotun's stains, opaque stains and paints.

Typical Use: Only for outdoor application. To be used before applying stains - can be used on all new and weatherworn external woodwork. Also recommended under opaque stains and paints - during the cold season (under + 5°C). To be used before applying opaque stains and paints - can be used on all new and weatherworn external woodwork. At temperatures below + 5 °C VISIR Oljegrunning klar must be used.

Application: Use a primer brush, avoid dry brushing. Do not brush across the cladding but apply VISIR Oljegrunning pigmentert in the longitudinal direction of the cladding. The primer must be brushed out thoroughly to prevent the product from forming film on the substrate. Wipe off excess primer from intact substrates. The air and surface temperature must be above + 5 °C.

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