Lincoln Invertec 170TX Tig Welder
Lincoln Invertec 170TX Tig Welder
Lincoln Electric


Lincoln Invertec 170TX Tig Welder

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Manufacturer:   Lincoln Electric


The Invertec® 170TX TIG and Stick welder combines a rugged industrial construction with excellent arc characteristics. It is a full function DC TIG inverters with excellent arc control and perfect arc start in any welding conditions. The machine has been designed, not only as a TIG welder, but to also operate as a stick welder with a variety of popular stick electrodes. It’s portable rugged design makes it ideal for both in shop or field use.

  • Advanced inverter technology for superior TIG performance.
  • Full function user-friendly control panel layout with graph and a numeric display make it easy to set all welding parameters.
  • Rugged construction: electrical safety (IP23), potted PC boards and optimum airflowreduce contamination to extend the equipment’s life in the harshest environmental conditions.
  • HF and Lift TIG ignition meeting all requirements.
  • Perfect TIG HF starting with pre-settable stating mode.

Additional Information

Input Power 230/1/50
Rated Output 170A/16.8V/35%
Output Range 5 - 170
Dimensions 328 x 212 x 465mm
Weight 12kg

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