Lincoln Tomahawk Plasma Cutter - 1025   1025
Lincoln Tomahawk Plasma Cutter - 1025   1025
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Lincoln Tomahawk Plasma Cutter - 1025

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Manufacturer:   Lincoln Electric


The Tomahawk® 1025 and 1538 Plasma cutting machines are built to handle harsh environmental conditions using Lincoln tunnel technology to separate the PCB’s and sensitive parts from the contaminating cooling airflow. The improved mains voltage tolerances and robust metal case with large protective rubber corners also make these machines suitable for operation on site with a generator or within a workshop environment.

The Lincoln Tomahawk® concept for Plasma cutting focuses on three elements:
S – An innovative and patented striking system preserves the electrode tip and extends its lifetime.
P – Circular enhancements with improved radial airflow and innovative electrode/nozzle design concentrate the plasma stream.
L – The internally cooled electrode and torch head and electrode/nozzle design considerably increase their lifetime.

  • Starting - innovative advanced arc starting without HF
  • Performance - Innovative advanced electrode and nozzle design
  • Longer lifetime - Innovative advanced design increases lifetime of consumables
  • Faster - higher travel speeds and plate thickness
  • Flexible - Multiple torch configurations
  • Concentrated plasma stream - Less heat input, less distortion
  • Variety of materials – Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and many more

  Tomahawk 1025
Primary Voltage 400V / 3Ph
Power Input 100 / 3 / 50-60
Rated Output 60A / 40%
40A / 100%
Input Current 20A
Output Range 20 - 60A
Cutting Capacity 25mm
Inlet Pressure 6.0 Bar
Dimensions 389 x 247 x 489mm
Weight 22kg

Additional Information


  • Plasma air cutting
  • Gouging

Unit Includes:

  • Input cable (3m)
  • Hand cutting torch (7.5m)
  • Work clamp and cable assembly
  • Air connection kit
  • Cutting torch
  • Consumables kit

Includes the Lincoln 3 Year Warranty.

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