Lincoln Vantage 500 CE
Lincoln Vantage 500 CE
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Lincoln Vantage 500 CE

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    Manufacturer:   Lincoln Electric


    The Vantage® 500 CE is one of the most compact and powerful engine driven welders / generators in the construction, pipe or rental fleet market today. The Vantage® 500 CE is also one of the most quiet, with a smooth running 4-cylinder Perkins® water-cooled diesel engines. Use this multi-process welder for Stick welding with a large variety of electrodes, Touch Start TIG® welding, CV welding with shielding gas or Innershield® wires, and arc gouge up to 10 mm carbons.

    You will value the superior arc performance delivered by exclusive Lincoln Chopper Technology™. You will also appreciate VRD™ (Voltage Reduction Device™), which reduces OCV (open circuit voltage) in the CC-Stick weld mode for added safety. 

    This model effectively generates high auxiliary power on 3-phase or 1-phase AC to power your lights, grinders, power tools, Inverters, etc. Last but not least, it is housed in a rugged, low maintenance stainless steel enclosure and loaded with many innovative service features.

    Last but not least, they are housed in a rugged, low maintenance Stainless steel enclosure and loaded with many innovative service features.

    Power Output 30 - 500A DC
    Electrical Aux. Output 400V / 220V / 115V
    Duty Cycle 400A @ 100%
    Engine Type Perkins 404D-22T Diesel-Water cooled
    Electrode Range 2.0 - 8.0mm
    Dimensions 913 x 687 x 1590mm
    Weight 586kg

    Additional Information

    • Downhill pipe welding mode - Excellent for cellulosic electrodes.
    • Built-in “hot start” for easier starts and restrikes.
    • Plenty of AC 50 Hz generator power - 3-phase 400V / 1 phase 220V / 1 phase 115V.
    • Meets IEC974-1 and CE standards for safety and reliability

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