Lorch Mobile V Series Tig Welder Range   V24 DC Gas Cooled
Lorch Mobile V Series Tig Welder Range   V24 DC Gas Cooled


Lorch Mobile V Series Tig Welder Range

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Manufacturer:   Lorch


The professional, state-of-the-art, digital Lorch V Series TIG inverter welding system welds; steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium in AC/DC version with no compromises and outstanding TIG weld characteristics. All this with the simplest user friendly operation. Also completely automated if required.

  • Superior mobility
  • SmartBase expert database regulates the parameters for the optimum arc
  • Low energy consumption
  • TipTronic job memory for up to 100 welding tasks
  • Pulse and fast pulse function bring additional benefits for the welding of thin plates; fast pulse up to 2 kHz
  • Hand or foot remote control option
  • In a robust, completely transportable industrial housing
  • Portable 2-Roll Trolley
  • Manufactured and tested according to DIN EN 60974-1, with CE mark, S-symbol and IP 23
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption due to the most modern industrial electronics and the fan on demand technology
  • Secondary current, prevents failure during over-heating of the work piece
  • Automatic final current reduction (down slope) for a perfect weld end
  • “3 steps to weld” operating concept
  • Plain text display with language selection
  • Can be completely automated (LorchNet connection or robot interface)
  • 3 Years Industrial Warranty


  • More cleaning using square wave current (AC variant) for welding aluminium
  • Positive polarity ignition and automatic cap shape
  • "dB down" function (40% less noise exposure)

All power sources including mains cable, mains plug and instruction manual

Including customer-specific device configuration, 3-Year Guarantee (after registration) and 100% functional test after final assembly

Please order torch, torch holder, welding return cable, pressure reducer as well as commissioning and training separately.

Additional Information

  V24 DC V24 AC/DC
Power Output 3-240A 3-240A
Duty Cycle 60% @ 240A 50% @ 240A
Input Voltage CEE 16A 3~400V CEE 16A 3~400V
Dimension 770x283x518mm 770x283x518mm
Weight 29kg 35kg

  V30 DC V30 AC/DC
Power Output 3-300A 3-300A
Duty Cycle 60% @ 300A 50% @ 300A
Input Voltage CEE 16A 3~400V CEE 16A 3~400V
Dimensions 770x283x518mm 770x283x518mm
Weight 31kg 38kg

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