Lorch MW 5300 Water Cooled MIG-MAG Welding Torch
Lorch MW 5300 Water Cooled MIG-MAG Welding Torch


Lorch MW 5300 Water Cooled MIG-MAG Welding Torch

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Manufacturer:   Lorch


  • Water-cooled
  • Up to 300 A
  • Grip handle recess, size 1
  • Premium-quality ball joint
  • Exchangeable nozzle holder
  • Wear-resistant protective cover hose
  • Euro central connection
  • Powermaster optional
  • Long duty cycle

Grip handle recess, size 1
Thanks to its ergonomic design and low weight, the torch can be guided with perfect ease and without causing any fatigue during welding. The grip handle recess used in the Powermaster variant is a size 2 handle recess.

The Lorch MW 5300 owes its exceptionally long service life to its sturdy construction including bolted, impact-resistant handle recesses, hard-wearing torch push button, cable support at the ball joint and central connection and the wear-resistant protective cover hose.

The exchangeable nozzle holder and the plug-in gas nozzle with gas nozzle seat make changing the wear parts quick and easy. The durable and cost-saving wear parts of the Lorch MW 5300 make the use of this machine highly cost-effective.

Attached cover caps
To prevent you from losing them ever again, the cover caps sealing the water hoses are now firmly attached to the water hose.   

Fast torch change
The Euro central connection fitted on the Lorch MW 5300 makes changing the torch as fast and straightforward as can be.

The hose package included with the Lorch MW 5300 torch is available as a 3m, 4m and 5m option.

The isolated wire spiral housed inside the Lorch MW 5300 ensures a reliable wire feed.

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