Lorch MX Series
Lorch MX Series


Lorch MX Series

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    Manufacturer:   Lorch


    Hard installation work, inspections looming, all trades are rushing to finish the job. Costly rework or delays are out of the question. Not a challenge at all if you have the Lorch MX 350.

    MicorBoost Technology - The patented MicorBoost technology delivers maximum power and provides for a stable arc even in case of voltage fluctuations and operation on long cables.

    Multi-processing welding machine - When combined with a separate wire feeder case, the Lorch MX 350 is an ideal choice as a MIG-MAG welding system for use on the go. As it is also suitable for TIG, electrode and CEL welding, the machine can be used across a wide range of applications.

    Electrode welding function - Electrode welding with Hotstart, Anti-Stick and Arc-Force regulation: The automatic Hotstart feature guarantees perfect ignition every time, while the Anti-Stick system reliably prevents the electrode from sticking, and Arc-Force regulation supports the welding process by providing for increased arc stability and optimised metal transfer. Moreover, the Lorch MX 350 allows you to complete vertical down-welding operations using cellulose electrodes with perfect reliability.

    Additional Information

    • Welding unit for mobile applications in combination with the separate MIG-MAG wire feeder case
    • Outstanding MIG-MAG welding characteristics for mixed gas and CO2
    • Synergic characteristics curves for steel/stainless steel (0.8 mm; 1,0 mm; 1,2 mm wire)
    • DC-TIG feature with ContacTIG ignition
    • Electrode welding with diameters of up to 8 mm
    • Asolutely reliable vertical down-welding of cellulose electrodes (CEL)

    Crater filling -  The crater filling feature provides for a clean end of the weld seam.

    Wear-resistant -  Its robust housing that offers all-around protection against water ingress and falls from a height of up to 60 cm make the Lorch MX 350 the best machine you can choose for your mobile applications in the field. As an added bonus, the circuit boards are shielded from dust by InsideCoating.

    Mobile -  Using the MX 350 while hooked up to a generator or cables of up to 200 m in length is completely smooth and effortless.

    Improved ease of use - Synergetic characteristic curves ensure that the wire feed is adapted automatically to each voltage setting.

    Compatible - The Lorch MX 350 can also be used with semi-automatic MIG-MAG wire feeder cases. 

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