Markel B Paintstik
Markel B Paintstik


Markel B Paintstik

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Manufacturer:   Markal


Markal’s most versatile and economic marker, the original B Paintstik solid paint marker combines the durability of paint in the convenience of a crayon. The real paint formula has superior marking performance on oily, icy, wet, dry or cold surfaces and is weather- and UV-resistant. This Paintstik works on rough, rusty, smooth, or dirty surfaces.

Additional Information

  • Real paint for long-lasting, highly visible marks
  • on oily, icy, wet, dry and cold surfaces
  • Superior marking on rough, rusty, dirty surfaces
  • Weather and UV-resistant for long-lasting marks
  • Marking range: -50° F to 150°F (-46°C to 66°C)
  • Available in 14 different colours

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