Mosa Magicweld 200 Diesel
Mosa Magicweld 200 Diesel


Mosa Magicweld 200 Diesel

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    Manufacturer:   Mosa


    The engine-driven welder Magic Weld 200 YDE is a lightweight professional machine with electronic control of the welding current capable of delivering up to 200 A with a duty cycle of 60%.

    The Magic Weld 200 YDE combines 3 qualities: compact and light weight (only 91 Kg); chopper system; an inverter capable of generating 3.3 kVA of auxiliary power. Equipped with a YANMAR L70N diesel engine and a permanent magnet alternator, it can function simultaneously as a welder and generator and also features electric start.

    Power Output 20 - 200A DC Welding Output
    Electrical Aux. Output AC 3kVA / 230V / 13A
    Duty Cycle  300A @ 60%
    Engine Type Yanmar L70N, 6.7 HP 
    Fuel Consumption 1.0L / Hr (3.3L Capacity)
    Electrode Range 4.0mm - Any type inc. Cellulosic
    Dimensions 630 x 490 x 540mm
    Weight 91kg

    Additional Information

    The presence of an auto idle economizer introduces the concept of "power on demand", allowing both fuel savings and reduced engine wear.

    The Magic Weld 200 is able to weld any kind of electrode (rutile, basic, cellulose) up to 4 mm and takes full advantage of the engine's power output thanks to a technology developed by MOSA known as "Power Optimizer".

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