MS Topcoater Speedy 1 Powder Coating Unit
MS Topcoater Speedy 1 Powder Coating Unit


MS Topcoater Speedy 1 Powder Coating Unit

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    Key Features:

    • Automatic cleaning system with injector rod, allows for colour change in 30 seconds

    • Injector rod for low-air powder feed

    • Powder fed directly from the original packaging

    • Sturdy trolley with vibrating table

    • Ultralight M4 powder spray gun (380g) reduces operator fatigue

    • Patented corona feedback system ensures high-quality coatings without the need for additional accessories

    • Balanced and ergonomic gun design

    • Latest digital high-voltage technology 0–100 kV / 1–100 µA

    • Wide range of multifunctional nozzle systems for fine spray patterns and uniform coating thicknesses, even with metallic coating powders

    • Touchscreen with intuitive controls and display

    • Powder feed with automatic metering

    • Easy storage of up to 999 programs

    • Preloaded standard programs for first coat, re-coat, metallic powder and complex part geometry

    • Diagnostic functions for cascade and control device

    • ATEX compliant

    Additional Information

    MS topcoater Speedy 1

    Dimensions: W x H x L 60 x 70 x 117 cm

    Weight: 50 kg

    MS topcoat M4 Manual Powder Gun

    Weight: 380g

    Length: 350 mm

    Output voltage: 100 kV

    Polarity: Negative

    Protection rating: IP 64

    Powder output: 450g / min (max.)

    MS topcase S4 Controller

    Weight: 4.1 kg

    Output Voltage: (AC) 100-240 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz

    Air Pressure: 6 - 8 bar

    Dimensions: W x H x D 200 x 120 x 280 mm

    Protection rating: IP 64

    Charging Technology: Corona

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