Oxford Cutmaker Plasma Range
Oxford Cutmaker Plasma Range


Oxford Cutmaker Plasma Range

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Manufacturer:   Oxford


The Oxford Cutmaker range of plasma cutters are different from all other machines on the market today! These are more versatile than anything else you can buy. As well as offering the very best cutting performance we have incorporated thermal heating & thermal gouging functions.

Offers exceptional cutting performance on all metals. The cutting arc is more constricted than most other machines on the market today. This results in a very straight narrow cut & minimal dross. Even on thick material such as 20mm the cut will be very close to perfectly straight. Compared with using oxy-fuel (gas bottles) cut speed can be as much as 5 times as fast particularly on the thinner materials & gives a much cleaner finish, with far less distortion.

The infinitely variable output allows you to select the most suitable power for the material, for instance on thin materials you can turn the output right down to give a very fine cut & controlled cutting speed with superb near laser quality. Whilst on thick materials maximum power may be required to get the job done quickly. In addition if you need to cut through double skinned material it’s possible to set the power so as to only cut through the top skin or turn it up & cut through both together.

Key Features:

  • Superior cut quality means straight clean cuts ready to weld without dressing & with minimal heat affected zone.

  • Cuts steel, stainless steel, Hardox, boron steel, aluminium & alloys, copper, brass, painted metals, rusty metals, mesh etc.

  • Cut from tin foil right up to 36mm material on the largest models..

  • Infinitely variable power so you can always set output to the optimum for the material.

  • Long life torch consumables & importantly, lower cost consumables compared with other leading makes.

  • Air filter & regulator fitted to set the pressure & help trap moisture & pressure gauge on front displays setting.

  • 6M (20 foot) cutting/gouging/heating torch supplied as standard, takes low cost consumables.

  • Over 90% efficiency means the lowest power consumption possible so keeps your running costs to the minimum!

  • Non HF starting system means these are safe for use on vehicles & don’t interfere with IT systems etc.

  • Generator friendly design guarantees no damage even if the generator is unstable!

  • Now rated to IP23S protection so can be used outside in the rain or in your workshop.

  • Not affected by harsh environments like inverter based machines so guaranteed no blow ups!

  • Built to comply with BS EN60974-1, BS EN60974-10, RoHS directive, weee directive & CE marked.

  • Really rugged industrial design for the longest possible life span & exceeds BS EN60974-1 drop tests by over 50%


  • 6M Trafimet hand torch suitable for all cutting, thermal gouging & thermal heating.

  • 3M mains input lead & 3M work lead (earth).

  • Casters fitted under chassis for best workshop portability.

  • Torch cutting consumable kit, (tips & electrodes) 


  • 2 year main components warranty.

  • 5 year main transformer warranty (the heart of the machine)

  • 20 year minimum guarantee of spares availability.

Additional Information

  CutMaker 350  CutMaker 350 Dual Voltage CutMaker 550  CutMaker 550 Dual Voltage CutMaker 700
Input Power  230V 230V/400V 230V 230V/400V  400V/230V
Duty Cycle 40% @ Full Power
Recommended Generator Power 4KVA 4KVA 8KVA 8KVA 11KVA
Max Severance Cut Capacity 20mm Steel 20mm Steel 31mm Steel 31mm Steel 36mm Steel
Air Pressure & Flow Rate 60-70 psi 3.0CFM 60-70 psi 3.0CFM 65-70 psi 3.5CFM 65-70 psi 3.5CFM 70 psi 3.5CFM
Dimensions 350 x 550 x 570mm
Weight 34kg 34kg 50kg 53kg 59kg

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