Oxford I-MIG Range - Three Phase MIG Welders
Oxford I-MIG Range - Three Phase MIG Welders


Oxford I-MIG Range - Three Phase MIG Welders

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Manufacturer:   Oxford


Oxford I-MIG range, 330 Amp to 470 Amp Three Phase Models. 

Torch not included.

I-MIG 330-3 400V: Ideal for medium duty fabrication, maintenance & medium to heavy agricultural welding

Model 330-3
Power Output 30-330A
Duty Cycle 35% 330A
60% 250A
Input Voltage 400V
Wire Range 0.6-1.2mm
Dimensions 36x82x66mm
Weight 84kg

I-MIG 410-3 400V: Ideal for medium to heavy duty fabrication & repair.

Model 410-3
Power Output 40-410A
Duty Cycle 45% 400A
60% 350A
Input Voltage 400V
Wire Range 0.6-1.6mm
Dimensions 36x82x66mm
Weight 95kg

I-MIG 470-3 - 400V: Ideal for heavy duty fabrication

Model  470-3
Power Output 40-470A
Duty Cycle 45% 470A
60% 410A
Input Voltage 400V
Wire Range 0.6-1.6mm
Dimensions  36x82x66mm
Weight 115kg

All Oxford MIG machines come with a 3M mains input lead, 3M work lead, 1.5M gas hose as standard.

Every Oxford welding machine is offered with the following guarantees: 

  • 2 year warranty all items

  • 5 year main transformer warranty (the heart of the machine)

  • 20 year minimum guarantee of spares availability


Additional Information

All I-MIG models are built with a copper wound main transformer, rugged switch gear, over rated rectifier & double fan cooling all assembled onto a 2.5mm steel chassis.

The MIG wire is loaded just under the lid giving much better access for the operator. OXFORD cap+ technology ensures a very smooth weld condition on all materials. Our simple yet robust PCB precisely controls all functions including super smooth motor speed control, motor braking & burn back control with internal adjustment possible. All are fitted with a 100% metal 4 roll drive system to give the best wire feeding. A good range of voltage steps are fitted to these models. Like all OXFORD models our energy efficient design means lower operating costs.

With a history dating back over 50 years British made Oxford welding machines are internationally renowned as one of the best in the industry. They are known for simple rugged build, high reliability with a very long life span & excellent welding performance. These British made Oxford MIG machines are built to the same standards using the highest quality components throughout.

At the heart of every Oxford MIG is a substantial copper wound transformer fitted with robust rotary switches & an overrated rectifier to give unbeatable durability. All models are fitted with an industrial wire feed system & motor to guarantee virtually unstoppable feeding of all wires.

Welding performance is superb: Our CAP+ technology ensures excellent arc starts & very smooth almost spatter free welding: These machines are designed to be more electrically efficient than other brands with an unbeatable standby power of just 25 watts & main transformer efficiencies of over 90%.

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