OxFord TIGMaker DC Range
OxFord TIGMaker DC Range


OxFord TIGMaker DC Range

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Manufacturer:   Oxford


These Oxford models are totally different, whilst they are not quite as portable as the smallest inverter & more expensive than a low cost inverter the benefits far outweigh. These machines weld as well as the very best German made inverters yet tolerate real world conditions such as grinding dust, moisture, knocks & drops & overvoltage spikes on the supply without problems therefore you can expect 4-5 times the lifespan of the best European or American inverters & without the big expensive repair bills!

These models are ideal for all DC TIG/MMA applications, everything from repair & maintenance to industrial fabrication. They are equally happy in a workshop on a bench or outdoors on a busy site & can be used in wet weather & harsh conditions.

Key Features: 

  • Super smooth stable arc from 5 amps upwards.

  • Instant arc starting every time you press the torch switch.

  • Electronic pulse HF (IT friendly so doesn’t affect your PC & phones etc).

  • Up slope & down slope controls for perfect weld starts & finishes.

  • Post flow gas control for contamination free finishes.

  • 2T standard torch trigger & 4T torch trigger latching.

  • MMA arc welding function welds all rods including cellulosic 6010 etc.

  • Digital meter shows preset A then precise A when welding for EN1090 etc.

  • Remote socket to accept foot control or torch amps control etc.

  • Very simple to set up & use, anyone can use it in seconds.

  • Built in automatic compensation for varying supply & long cables.

  • Dual voltage input 110V/230V or 230/400V (200E) or 230V/400V on 250E

  • Generator friendly design (even unstable generators are no problem).

  • Very efficient design to minimise power consumption.

  • Suitable for use inside or outside (site welding etc) (IP23S rating).

*The Oxford TIGMAKER models have only one control PCB & its mounted in the top compartment out of the airflow to prevent contamination. 

Additional Information

Model 200E Dual Voltage 250E Dual Voltage  300E 
Mains Supply Voltage 230V / 100V 400V / 230V  400V 
Mains Supply Fuse 16A 230 & 400V 32A -110V 16A (32A or 230V) 16A
Min. Generator / Transformer rating 3.6KVA 4.5KVA 6KVA
Welding Range (amps) 5-200 (on all input voltage) 5-250 10-300
Duty Cycle 35% @ 200A 250A 300A
Duty Cycle 60% @  155A 200A 230A
Work Lead (Earth) 3M
Mains Input Lead 3M Rubber 
Power Source Size 260 x 520 x 420mm
Power Source Weight 29kg 33kg 39kg


  • 2 year main components warranty.

  • 5 year main transformer warranty (the heart of the machine)

  • 20 year minimum guarantee of spares availability.

Standard options: Super smooth foot pedal, hand remote control, TIG torches up to 8M, TIG torches with amps control on handle, long welding cables etc

Other options: (to be specified at time of order), different input voltage, pulse functions, 2A min current range, longer input cable, ect.

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