Pangolin ZincTex Cold Galvanising Spray
Pangolin ZincTex Cold Galvanising Spray


Pangolin ZincTex Cold Galvanising Spray

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  • Size: 400ml aerosol
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Manufacturer:   Pangolin


Pangolin Zinc Tex Cold Galvanising Spray in a 400ml aerosol.

Developed for cold galvanising of welded fabrications and metal structures. Ideal for galvanising pipe work or steelwork which has had to be welded or treated because of modification.Can be used to re-galvanise safety railing and fencing where the original coating is has deteriorated. Will not flake, chip, discolour or abrade off easily. Can be used as an undercoat for normal painting on steel, cast iron or wood.

Additional Information

Surface Preparation

Make sure that the object is clean, degreased and completely dry. Ensure that enough ventilation is available by opening windows, doors etc.

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