Pneutech Air Receiver Tanks
Pneutech Air Receiver Tanks


Pneutech Air Receiver Tanks

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Manufacturer:   Pneutech


Most compressed air systems require an air receiver for the storage of the compressed air to allow for a modulated air flow, while reducing the cycling workload on the compressor motor. Air receivers can be used to better utilise the compressed air capacity available and allow your system to perform more efficiently. Pneutech compressed air receivers are designed and manufactured to meet UK standards are built to be exceptionally durable with the ability to handle the pressures of everyday use.

Additional Information

  Max Pressure      
Capacity Bar PSI Diameter Height
270L 11 159 550mm 1648mm
500L 11 159 600mm 2050mm
725L 11 159 750mm 2030mm
900L 11 159 800mm 2140mm
1000L 12 174 800mm 2350mm
1500L 12 174 1000mm 2305mm
2000L 12 174 1100mm 2145mm

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