Pneutech X Series Filtration
Pneutech X Series Filtration


Pneutech X Series Filtration

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Manufacturer:   Pneutech


A 0.01 micron high efficiency filter for the removal of solid and liquid particles down to 0.01 micron, including oil. It will provide protection adequate for the air use in spray-painting, electronics and food, delivering air quality of ISO8573-1 Class 1.

Model CFM/Min Connection
KFE FTX51 30 G 3/8"
KFE FTX72 42 G 1/2"
KFE FTX111 65 G 3/4"
KFE FTX198 116 G 1"
KFE FTX330 194 G 1 1/2"
KFE FTX480 286 G 1 1/2"
KFE FTX750 441 G 1 1/2"

Additional Information

Air Filtration Systems
Good air treatment is an essential component to every industrial compressed air supply. Too often, companies invest in a quality air compressor set-up with pneumatic tools and equipment, but overlook the real need for adequate filtration.

Inadequate or no filtration leads to premature corrosion and wear amongst the tools and equipment being operated, and this can amount to costs in repair and replacement.

The Pneutech PF Series industrial filtration is second-to-none in quality and performance. These filters are made from heavy aluminium castings for high strength to withstand pressures up to 230psi and to give long life in all environments. The extra large aluminium bowl area adds to the filtration capacity by dissipating the heat build-up in the air supply and turning water vapour into condensate form for easy drainage. Each filter comes complete with an auto drain for hassle-free drainage, and option for a differential pressure gauge to enable to determine the saturation level of the replaceable filter element.

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