24/52 Portable Abrasive Blast Pot
24/52 Portable Abrasive Blast Pot


24/52 Portable Abrasive Blast Pot

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    A range of rugged machines available in a wide range of configurations. Use of the machines can be tailored to the jobs requirements by the selection of different blasting nozzles and heads, and the use of the appropriate abrasive type media.

    • Maximum Working Pressure 12.0 bar for increased efficiency and production.
    • Low centre of gravity makes them ideally portable and stable for contracting or site work.
    • Easy to load filling head with Safety Guard.
    • Large hand-hole located for easy access to allow internal inspection and maintenance.
    • Remote control deadman system with silencer for operator safety, water separator (for reduction in condensation problems), and abrasive metering valve.
    • Safety Pressure Relief Valve.
    • Choice of Abrasive Metering Valve types provides precise metering of all types of media.
    • Pop-up valve provides fast pressurisation and quick abrasive loading.
    • HF Version has additional pressure control features (pressure regulator and air operated abrasive metering valve) for more delicate cleaning work.
    • The name plate is stamped with a unique serial number to identify each unit.

    24/52 Blast Pot
    For large cleaning projects where refill downtime needs to be minimised.

    Capacity 200 Litres
    Shell Diameter 24 inch / 610mm
    Approx Height 1440mm
    Dry Weight 150KG

    Additional Information

    • Designed and manufactured to the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.
    • Declaration of Conformity and Test Certificate provided.
    • Fully CE Marked in compliance to the Machinery Directive 2006 / 42 / EC.

    Package Options:

    The machines can be supplied as a bare pot or a ready to use package with a choice of accessories as shown. The hose lengths can be increased at additional cost.

    • Nova Blast Helmet c/w Belt and Regulator
    • 10m Twin Remote Lines with Deadman’s Handle
    • 10m Blast Hose c/w fittings, 10 metres breathing air line
    • Blast Nozzle - Standard or long lasting Silicon Nitride
    • Heavy Duty Gauntlets
    • Breathing Air Filter - pot mounted or Radex - free standing
    • Pot Sieves - stops debris and caked abrasives from entering the pot to minimise blockages
    • Pot lids - used to prevent rain and foreign objects entering the pot. 


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