Rust-Oleum 9100 Epoxy
Rust-Oleum 9100 Epoxy


Rust-Oleum 9100 Epoxy

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Manufacturer:   Rust-Oleum


Rust-Oleum 9100 is a solvent based, high performance epoxy system. Long-lasting result with single coat application (100-150 micron in a single layer). Single coat application directly over rusted surfaces. Excellent results with minimal Surface Preparation. Full colour intensity in one coat.

  • Single coat application directly over rusted surfaces
  • Excellent results with minimal surface preparation
  • Very resistant to abrasion
  • Suitable for frequent cleaning with chemicals
  • Full colour intensity in one coat (100-150 micron in a single layer)
  • 1:1 mixing ratio
  • Tintable to virtually any colour
  • Winter grade & high solids activators available


  • Sound rusted steel
  • Bare metal
  • Primers 569, 9169, 9170/80
  • Concrete
  • Primers 5401 and 3333
Coverage 6-7m2/L
Dry to touch 6-8 hours
Dry to recoat 16 hours

Additional Information

Surface Preparation

Remove grease, oil and all other surface contaminants by alkaline or high pressure (steam) cleaning in combination with appropriate detergents.

Sand previous coatings, which are in good condition to remove gloss and to roughen the surface slightly, check compatibility. The surface must be clean and dry during application.


Remove loose rust, mill scale and deteriorated coatings by hand or power tool cleaning to St 2/3 (ISO 8501-01 : 1988). Large areas may be brushoff blasted to Sa 2 (ISO 8501-01: 1988), blast profile max. 50 μm. For immersion purposes, prepare to Sa 3 (ISO 8501-01 : 1988), blast profile max. 75 μm.

Concrete and masonry

New concrete or masonry should cure and dry for at least 30 days before applying the coating system. Remove laitance, any loose or unsound concrete or deteriorated coatings. Smooth concrete should be roughened.

Typical Paint System

As a One Coat Finish - 9100 1 x 150µm (Dry Film Thickness) Or 9200 1 x 40µm (Dry Film Thickness)

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