Rust-Oleum Elastofill
Rust-Oleum Elastofill


Rust-Oleum Elastofill

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Manufacturer:   Rust-Oleum


Elastic jointing paste based on acrylic dispersions.

The weakest spots of any cladding are the cut edges and the edge laps. Elastofill is based on the elastic Noxyde technology, covering edges where rust is most likely to occur. 

  • Forms a rubberlike mass with permanently high elasticity after evaporation of the water
  • Can absorb strong expansions and deformations 
  • Alkali resistant
  • Very resistant to ageing, weather and temperature variations
Application Method Spray, Spatula, Palette knife, 
Surfaces Sealing, jointing, fixing on concrete
VOC Level 5g / Litre
Coverage  10mm Wet film thickness
Touch Dry  3 Hours, film thickness - 8mm
Over-Coating 1 Day, film thickness - 8mm
Maintenance Cycle  2 Years
Thinning & Cleaning  Water
Number of Coats 2

Additional Information

Surface Preparation: Grind out fine cracks in V-shape till about 0,5cm wide; if depth > 1/2 x width, apply a back filling. The crack edges must be primed with Parafix, Pegafix or Vernac (diluted with Thinner 22). Hard PVC is to be primed with Primer 44 HS, metal and glass with diluted Noxyde.

Typical Use: Sealing, Jointing, filling, glueing, on concrete, wood, metal, glass, hard PVC, tiles, plaster, alu-bitumen, ect. 

Application: Minimum temperature: 5°C / Max. Relative humidity: 80%

Tools: Manual spray gun (Nozzle free to choose) - spatula, palette knife, glue spreader, (combed lime rills, 3mm thick) 

Cleanup: Water. After drying Elastofill can only be removed mechanically or softened with a synthetic thinner; then remove by rubbing or scratching. 

Remarks: Joints have to be smoothened with a finger or with a cloth soaked in Thinner 22 or in water (+ soap). 

The surface in contact with the air must be sufficiently large, since Elastofill is to be transformed into a rubber like mass by evaporation of the water. On porous surfaces, always use an appropriate prime. 

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