Rust-Oleum Surfa Etch 108
Rust-Oleum Surfa Etch 108


Rust-Oleum Surfa Etch 108

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Manufacturer:   Rust-Oleum


Rust-Oleum Surfa Etch 108 is an etching solution for etching smooth concrete surfaces, masonry, galvanized steel and aluminum before applying a coating system.

  • Improves the adhesion of coating systems
  • Neutralizes alkaline salts
  • Also ideal to remove ´white rust´ from metal
  • Easy to use
  • No objectionable odour or fumes
  • Non-flammable

Additional Information

Use: Apply Surfa-Etch® 108 Etching Solution liberally and scrub it into the surface. Allow to stand for 10-15 minutes, depending on temperature, and clean thoroughly by flushing with plenty of fresh water. After cleaning, remove any remaining water and allow the surface to dry, as moisture left on the surface or entrapped into pores may cause premature failure of the coating system.

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