Sayerlack Aerosol TZ0070 Clear Acrylic Topcoat
Sayerlack Aerosol TZ0070 Clear Acrylic Topcoat


Sayerlack Aerosol TZ0070 Clear Acrylic Topcoat

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TZ70 is a two pack, clear, acrylic topcoat which exhibits complete transparency, good build and smoothness. It is particularly suitable for applications that require high yellowing resistance such as coating pale-coloured timbers (maple, birch, ash, fine-line, etc); coating timbers bleached with hydrogen peroxide or other oxidisers; coating white or pastel coloured substrates to protect them from yellowing.

  • Good build
  • High yellowing resistance
  • Complete transparency

Additional Information

Gloss Level 5%, 10%, 25%, 40% and 90%
Hardener TH790
Mix 10% or 20%
Thinners DT1140
Volume Solids 30%
Spreading Rate 7m²/litre
Surface Dry 1 hour at 23°C
Application Method Aerosol
Surfaces Flat parts and turned parts
Number of Coats 3 max.

Surface Preparation
In the first two cases, a non-yellowing basecoat such as TU0054 must be applied before the topcoat TZ70. In open pore systems, TZ70 should be thinned down at 40-50% to promote flow into the pores.

Typical Paint System
First coat of TU55 and then TZ70.

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