Sayerlack AZ0097 Pigmented Joinery Topcoat
Sayerlack AZ0097 Pigmented Joinery Topcoat


Sayerlack AZ0097 Pigmented Joinery Topcoat

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Manufacturer:   Sayerlack


AZ97 is a single-pack waterborne topcoat suitable for hardwoods & softwoods exposed to the outdoor environment such as windows, doors, conservatories and other joinery applications. It is available in 30 & 60% gloss levels and is tintable to a wide range of solid colours. The products exhibits good thixothropy and can be applied even vertically in thick coats (max. 300g/m2 wet) with no dripping problems.

Application devices should be washed with water immediately after use. Cleaning of dry films of coating from the equipment can be done using XA4060/00, leaving in contact for 6–12 hours, then rinse with water.

  • Can be applied by spray methods
  • Very good resistance against UV degradation
  • Very good structure allowing high vertical build without running
  • Good waterproofing properties
  • Can be thinned / cleaned with tap water

Additional Information

Gloss Level 15%, 30% and 60%
Thinners Water
Volume Solids 46%
Spreading Rate 5m²
Surface Dry 2 hours
Application method Conventional, Air/Airless, Electrostatic Spray Guns
Surfaces Door/Window Frames / Exterior Wooden Items
Over-Coating 24 Hours @ 20°C
Maintenance Cycle 15 Months
Number of Coats 2

Surface Preparation
Lightly de-nib the surface prior to use.

Typical Paint System
First coat of AML3315 and then AZ97

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