Sayerlack DT441 Thinner
Sayerlack DT441 Thinner


Sayerlack DT441 Thinner

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  • Size: 6 Litres
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Manufacturer:   Sayerlack


DT441 is a retardant thinner, particularly good for spray application of gloss products in warmer conditions. It is half the evaporating speed again compared to DT1146, and still suitable for both PU & Acrylic product ranges.

Additional Information

The hotter the weather, or the thicker the coats of product being applied – the slower the thinner to use.

It is also fine for Sayerlack DT1150, DT1146 and DT441 to be mixed together in order to create a mid-way drying speed option.

Please note 25L and 205L Thinners may incur additional carriage charges. There will be advised for as per individual order requirements. 

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