Sayerlack TU0022 PU Fire Retardant Basecoat
Sayerlack TU0022 PU Fire Retardant Basecoat


Sayerlack TU0022 PU Fire Retardant Basecoat

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Manufacturer:   Sayerlack


TU22 is a two-pack, polyurethane basecoat designed to be applied to panelling or furniture in interior applications that require fire retardant properties for insurance or building regulations approval. TU22 combines an unparalleled wetability and ease of application. It has the visual appearance of a normal premium clear lacquer basecoat. The complete paint system comprising: 2 x basecoat, & 1 x topcoat - achieves Class 1, and maintains Class 0 fire protection ratings.

  • Fire retardant / Intumescent basecoat
  • Versatility of application
  • Clear or White systems from stock
  • A range of colours can be produced if required
  • Relatively quick drying

Additional Information

Hardener TH222 / TH333
Mix 50%
Volume Solids 67% and 76%
Surface dry 1.5 hours @ 23°C
Application Method Spray Gun
Surfaces Turned Parts, Flat Parts
Maintenance Cycle Unlimited use- Stir regularly
Thinning & Cleaning DT1150
Number of Coats 1-3

Surface Preparation
TU22 must be applied to sound approved substrates that have been lightly sanded and are dust free. It is not designed to be applied to veneered surfaces as these inherently reduce the level of protection that any coating system can provide against fire.

Typical Paint System
Two coats of TU22 at 150g/m² per coat (300g/m). Followed by one coat of TZ22 at 150g/m² per coat

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