Sayerlack XA4060 Cleaning Fluid
Sayerlack XA4060 Cleaning Fluid


Sayerlack XA4060 Cleaning Fluid

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  • Size: 25 Litres
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Manufacturer:   Sayerlack


XA4060 is suitable for washing pumps, spray guns, nozzles and any other equipment used for application of waterborne coatings. 

For best results, wash equipment with XA4060 immediately after use, then rinse with water.

Additional Information

Please note that XA4060 is not a thinner. It is not recommended for cleaning automatic plants as it can remove and detach even dried films of waterborne coatings, which may end up clogging spray guns. It is advisable to let equipment soak in XA4060 for 1-2 hours, then rinse with water.

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