SGS360 Spool Gun Welding System
SGS360 Spool Gun Welding System
Elmbridge UK


SGS360 Spool Gun Welding System

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    Manufacturer:   Elmbridge UK


    A 'ready to weld' spool gun welding system which fits all machines with a Euro Connection in seconds. Unique design means no separate control box or mains supply is needed just plug in and weld.

    Additional Information

    • BZL compatible front end consumables and standard 102mm wire spools
    • 8 Metre flexible high temp coaxial cable with spring cable supports at ends
    • Infinitely variable wire speed control
    • 360A max current @ 40%, 270a @ 60% duty cycle (mixed gases)
    • Can be moved from machine to machine in seconds
    • Wire Spool holder turns to a side or down for best access
    • Superb welding performance on aluminium, stainless and mild steel
    • Optional bent neck allows positioning to any angle
    • Option for shorter or longer cable assembly

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