Tecna Pedestal Spot Welders Micro Processor Control
Tecna Pedestal Spot Welders Micro Processor Control


Tecna Pedestal Spot Welders Micro Processor Control

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Manufacturer:   Tecna


Tecna spot welders are designed to meet every need of spot welding and facilitate ease of operation with the frontally positioned control unit and pneumatic commands and the compressed air pressure gauge placed at the top.

  • Arms adjustable in length allowing a letter working fexibility.
  • Chrome-copper electrode holders for long life and heavy duty service, designed for straight and angled fitting.
  • Adjustable electrode stroke.
  • Water-cooled transformer, arms and electrodes.
  • Microprocessor control unit Tecna TE90.

Foot Operated Welders

Adjustable electrode force; a microswitch starts the welding cycle when the desired pre-set value is reached. The foot pedal is adjustable in length.

Air Operated Welders (Available on request)

  • The air operated lubrication free cylinder eliminates oil mist.
  • Electrode force adjustment with air filter reducer with gauge.
  • Semi-automatic drainage system.
  • Electrode speed control valves, shock absorber for cylinder’s end of stroke and air discharge silencers.
  • Two-stage electric foot pedal also allows welding of separate pieces only when correctly positioned.

Additional Information

  16 KVA Foot Operated 20 KVA Foot Operated 20 KVA Foot Operated 25 KVA Foot Operated 25 KVA Foot Operated
Input Voltage 415V 50Hz 415V 50Hz 400V Hz 415V 50Hz 400V 50Hz
Max Short Circuit Power 11,500A 13,500A        - 19,600A        -
Arm Gap 225mm 220mm        - 225mm        -
Min Throat Depth 230mm 230mm 380mm 230mm 380mm
Max Throat Deph 550mm 550mm 700mm 550mm 700mm
Min Water Pressure Bar 2.5 2.5        - 2.5        -
Weight 116kg 117kg 146kg 130kg 148kg
Dimensions 320x800x1230mm

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