Tweco Arcmaster 220 AC/DC
Tweco Arcmaster 220 AC/DC
Tweco Arcmaster 220 AC/DC
Tweco Arcmaster 220 AC/DC
  • Tweco Arcmaster 220 AC/DC
  • Tweco Arcmaster 220 AC/DC


Tweco Arcmaster 220 AC/DC

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    Manufacturer:   Tweco


    The Tweco ArcMaster 220 AC/DC is a full digital control, AC/DC, Stick, Lift TIG / HF Tig inverter power supply with a high output and expanded input voltage capabilities for maximum user flexibility.

    Power Output Stick: 10-170A            TIG: 3-220A
    Duty Cycle Stick: 40% @ 170A   TIG: 40% @ 220A
    Input Voltage 1 Phase 230V
    Protection Class IP23S
    Approvals EN 60974-1
    Dimensions 326 x 185 x 483mm
    Weight 13.4kg

    Additional Information

    Standard features include: High frequency start, lift TIG start, automatic down slope, pulse, repeat (latch) function, memory function and automatic gas management. This is the ultimate unit designed for precision TIG and Stick welding of all weldable materials. Superior, true square wave output combines with highly developed balance and cleaning features deliver an unbeatable welding performance with extended tungsten life on aluminium and magnesium alloys without the need for continuous high frequency.

    • AC and DC output for aluminium and non-ferrous alloys, stainless, mild steel & chrome molys
    • Process Selection between TIG or Stick
    • AC Frequency: Adjustable frequency of the AC square wave when welding on aluminium for optimised set up
    • Wave Balance: Adjustable for optimised penetration or cleaning action when welding on aluminium
    • Pulse: Changes the weld current from high to low at a specified frequency, reduces heat input on thin material
    • Pre-flow & Post-flow: Enables independent control over shielding gas before and after the weld
    • Initial current / Up-slope / Down-slope & crater modes: Eliminates blow holes on starting and cracking at the end of the weld
    • HF arc Start: Provides non-contact arc starting that eliminates tungsten or material contamination
    • Lift TIG Start: Provides optimised TIG arc starting without the use of high frequency
    • Fully Integrated VRD Voltage reduction device for MMA welding available

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