Victor Cutmaster 12 Plus
Victor Cutmaster 12 Plus
Victor Cutmaster 12 Plus
Victor Cutmaster 12 Plus
  • Victor Cutmaster 12 Plus
  • Victor Cutmaster 12 Plus


Victor Cutmaster 12 Plus

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    Manufacturer:   Victor


    Victor Cutmaster 12 PLUS Dual Voltage 110/230V Air Plasma Cutting System. Cutmaster 12 Plus is one of the most affordable, highest quality 12mm plasma systems on the market. As part of the TRUE Series, you can rely on the Cutmaster 12 Plus to cut all day at it’s recommended cutting capacity and to pack more punch when you need it.

    The Cutmaster 12 Plus features the new SL40 torch, based on the proven Surelok® platform which uses smaller consumables for greatly improved arc visibility. This torch also feature Vent2Shield technology which recycles wasted vent gas as shield gas, reducing airflow requirements and allowing the use of smaller compressors. 

    Key Features: 

    • Automatic voltage linking to 110V / 230V Power
    • Lighter weight design for maximum portability
    • New SL40 torch features excellent arc visibility
    • SL40 Torch with Vent2Shield (V2S) technology allows use of smaller compressors compared to similar 40 Amp units
    • Surelok electrode eliminates tip wobble found in some blow-apart torch designs, resulting in a cleaner arc and longer parts life
    • Precision engineered consumable parts are easy to change and require no tools
    • Easy-to-use torch trigger release and ergonomic handle provide comfort during long cutting sessions
    • 3 Year warranty machine / 1 Year warranty torch

    What's Included:

    • Power Supply
    • SL40 Torch with 4.5m leads
    • Input power cable
    • Work cable and clamp
    • Protective glasses and gloves
    • Soft carry bag
    • Operating manual

    Additional Information

    Power Output 40A (230V) / 27A (110V)
    Duty Cycle 40% @ 40A / 30% @ 27A 
    Input Power  14A (230V) / 15A (110V)
    Max Cutting Capacity 15mm (230V) / 10mm (110V)
    Dimensions 228 x 117 x 470mm
    Weight 11.8kg
    Torch Model SL40 Hand
    Lead Length 4.5 Manual

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