Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 35
Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 35
Thermal Dynamics


Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 35

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    Manufacturer:   Thermal Dynamics


    The Victor Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 35 manual plasma is a high duty cycle, inverter based system specifically designed for heavy duty applications requiring superior cutting performance. The unit is specifically designed to serve the 35mm market with a high duty cycle of 80% in a 40°C ambient environment.   Operating from a 400V three phase supply, the design incorporates features such as auto pilot re-start, True Guard roll bar and the heavy duty SL100 1Torch® for superior performance. The unit can also be used for heavy duty gouging applications when fitted with the correct torch consumables. These features combined with a three year limited warranty make this the ideal unit for and heavy duty fabrication, construction and mining applications.

    • Front panel LED's indicate status conditions for maximum efficiency
    • Trigger latch feature prevents hand fatigue during long cuts. Auto pilot restart instantly re-ignites the pilot arc while cutting expanded metals
    • TRUE GUARD™ roll bar provides easy transportation and protection for unmatched durability
    • TipSaver™ current fold back circuit design prevents tip failure when the tip touches the work piece at high output current levels resulting in prolonged consumable parts life
    • Lighter weight design for maximum portability
    • Storage compartment for convenient access to spare parts and consumables
    • Versatile 1Torch® with ATC disconnect makes it easy to add lead extensions offering a combined extension lead length of up to 30.5m
    • 3 Year warranty machine / 1 Year warranty torch

    What's Included:

    • Power Supply
    • SL100TM Torch with 6.1m leads with ATC Connector
    • Input power cable
    • Work cable and clamp
    • Spare parts
    • Operating manual

    Additional Information

    Power Output 100A
    Duty Cycle 80% @ 100A
    Input Power  400V / 27A
    3 Ph 50-60 Hz
    Max Cutting Capacity 40mm
    Dimensions 381x305x762mm
    Weight 28.1kg
    Torch Model SL100 Hand
    Lead Length 6.1 / 15.2 Manual

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