Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 40
Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 40
Thermal Dynamics


Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 40

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    Manufacturer:   Thermal Dynamics


    The Victor Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 40 is the heavy weight of hand held cutting systems. This unit comes in a compact-light weight package, but don’t let that fool you. It offers enough cutting power to cut 50mm material. The heavy duty inverter system is specifically designed for high level applications requiring superior endurance and cutting performance.   Operating from a 400V three phase supply, the unit incorporates features such as auto-pilot re-start, TRUE GUARD™ roll bar and the heavy duty SL100 1Torch® for superior performance.   The unit can also be used for heavy duty gouging, piercing and beveling applications when fitted with the correct torch consumables. These features combined with a three year limited warranty make this the ideal unit for and heavy duty fabrication, construction and mining applications.

    • Front panel LED's indicate status conditions for maximum efficiency
    • Trigger latch feature prevents hand fatigue during long cuts.
    • Auto pilot restart instantly re-ignites the pilot arc while cutting expanded metals
    • TRUE GUARD™ roll bar provides easy transportation and protection for unmatched durability
    • TipSaver™ current fold back circuit design prevents tip failure when the tip touches the work piece at high output current levels resulting in prolonged consumable parts life
    • Lighter weight design for maximum portability
    • Storage compartment for convenient access to spare parts and consumables
    • Versatile 1Torch® with ATC disconnect makes it easy to add lead extensions offering a combined extension lead length of up to 30.5m
    • 3 Year warranty machine / 1 Year warranty torch

    What's Included:

    • Power Supply
    • SL100TM Torch with 6.1m leads with ATC Connector
    • Input power cable
    • Work cable and clamp
    • Spare parts
    • Operating manual

    Additional Information

    Power Input 120A
    Duty Cycle 40% @ 120A
    Input Power 400V / 32A
    3 Ph 50-60 Hz
    Max Cutting Capacity 50mm
    Dimensions 381x305x762mm
    Weight 28.1kg
    Torch Model SL100 Hand 
    Lead Length 6.1 / 15.2 

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